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Buying Silver Bars Online

Welcome to our website, an online guide to the precious metals market, specifically focusing on physical bars of silver bullion.

Our site is here to provide new as well as experienced precious metal investors a resource for keeping up to date on market movements, locating where to buy silver bars both online & locally, and learning about the various types and forms of physical silver bars. Please read on to see what our website has to offer. Alternatively, if you are ready to purchase silver bars check out JM Bullion.

Brands of Silver Bars

Types of Silver Bars

Sizes of Silver Bars

Forms of Silver Bars

Another topic we have delved into is the various forms of silver bars that exist on the market today. The most prevalent bars are referred to as "bullion", meaning an investment grade bar that is valued primarily for its silver content. Other types of bars include "Art Bars" and more collectible type bars which carry premiums above and beyond just their silver content. We also have written extensively on new vs. secondhand silver bars, and what you need to know while investing in each.

Brands of Silver Bars

Although almost all silver bullion bars contain the exact same purity and amount of physical silver, certain brands do carry premiums over other brands due to their reputation, relative scarcity, and more. We have dedicated pages to each major brand of silver bar manufacturer so our visitors can learn more about the companies that produce these bars, what sizes of bars each manufacturer produces, and the relative premiums over spot price that each brand name commands.

Sizes of Silver Bars

As mentioned earlier, there are several sizes/weights of silver bars that are widely available on the market. Common sizes include 1 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz, and 100 oz bars, all of which are weighed in troy ounces (the standard unit of weight in the industry). Besides those sizes, investors can also find 2 oz, 1 kg, and other rarer sizes of bars, although off-size bars typically command relative premiums to more widely circulated weights.

More Information

As the site has grown, we've also added more "miscellaneous" articles covering aspects such as protecting and storing your silver bullion, what happens when you perhaps want to sell in the future, buying silver with PayPal, buying silver with free shipping, and more. We plan to continue adding to the website as we come up with more topics, so make sure to check back as we grow and expand. News And Updates

Market Update
May 22nd, 2015

May 22nd Weekly Silver Market Update

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Market Update
May 15th, 2015

May 15th Weekly Silver Market Update

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Market Update
May 8th, 2015

May 8th Weekly Silver Market Update

This week has proven to be quite interesting for precious metals. Monday and Tuesday saw healthy gains, but before long those gains were whittled away until the week was mostly a wash. On the whole, we really didn’t witness all that much in the way of economic data.... Read more