NTR Metals Silver Bars

NTR MetalsNTR Metals (www.ntrmetals.com) was founded in Dallas, Texas in 2004 and has since expanded into a global source of all types of precious metals products and services. Most metals companies strictly operate in the minting field, but NTR Metals takes it two steps further by also operating as a refining and recycling outlet for precious metals as well.

Not only is NTR about more than just minting precious metals, they have also grown to the point where their services are able to handle precious stones such as diamonds and gemstones as well. Never letting anything go to waste, NTR is a socially responsible company while at the same time being a profitable company by recycling metals of all sorts. After they recycle the scrap metals they receive, NTR then goes on to refine that same metal in order to derive a profit from what was once scrap.

NTR is known to investors as a company that specializes in making gold and silver bullion products of all types including coins and bars. Not only do they serve companies in the US, NTR has expanded into such a global player that it has offices and production facilities located throughout the US and Europe. Some of the locations where NTR exists are the UK, Ireland, Germany, and the Netherlands. It is not every day that a metals company founded in Texas evolves into a global metals powerhouse in barely five years, NTR’s success speaks for itself.

Products Produced

Because NTR is so much more than just a precious metals producer, we could talk about the products they output for hours and hours but here we will mainly focus on their precious metals products. It almost goes without question that NTR’s most popular products are the gold and silver bars they produce. They are a great producer for investors of all types because they make bars of all different sizes ranging from 10 ounce to as large as 100 ounces.

A 10 oz NTR Metals Silver Bar

A unique product that NTR produces is the golden triangle which is literally a gold bar in the shape of a triangle. There is no real significance to the triangular shape but some investors are intrigued enough to make the purchase. Not only are their triangle bars incredibly attractive, their normally shaped gold and silver bars are attractive as well.

Common Premiums

The quality of NTR metals is the exact reasons why some people are willing to spend a dollar or two more over the spot value of the metal; something a lot of people would not do for other mint’s products.

It all depends on the person or company who is selling the product and it also depends on whether it is a gold or silver bar but most NTR bars are not being sold at prices too high over spot value. Of course, the bigger your purchase the closer you will be to spot value per ounce, but even 1 ounce silver bars will not be found for much more than a dollar or two over spot value. Always shop around and compare silver dealers before making a purchase because you can never be too confident that you are getting the best deal until you do the proper leg work.

Buying NTR Silver Online

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