100 oz Silver Bars

When someone is going to make a sizable investment in silver bullion, the most common bar size of choice is the 100 troy oz weight. The reasons for this are plenty: first, 100 troy oz bars always have the lowest premium over spot price, as compared to other sized silver bars.

Beyond that, 100 oz silver bars are actually extremely liquid, often more-so than smaller bars. This seems counter-intuitive, but there is such demand to both buy and sell these bars that the market is always able to move them quickly.

100 ounce silver bars are a very convenient way to make a large investment without having to worry about securing a location to store your investment, or worry about losing pieces like you would if you were to purchase 100 1 ounce bars individually.

There are a number of different companies that produce these bars, and while most 100 ounce bars are fairly similar in size and shape, the name branded into the side of the bar means a lot to a lot of people. In the following few sections we will fill you in on just about everything there is to know about 100 ounce silver bars.

Different Producers

A 100 oz Silver Bar from RCM

When talking about precious metals, 100 ounces is a fairly staggering amount, and if you are used to investing in gold it is unlikely you have ever dealt with that much weight. Silver, however, is a proportionally less expensive metal which makes purchasing it in the hundreds of ounces not only feasible, but much more common as well.

As is the case with just about any other product that the general public is able to purchase, investors are able to find 100 ounce silver bars being produced by a number of different companies, each of them having their own level of popularity.

Even though most silver bars take on a very similar shape and are roughly the same size, investors put a lot of weight into the maker of the bar and in some cases will refuse to make a purchase if their favorite producer’s silver bar is not available to be bought. It may seem crazy but this is very much how things work in the precious metals world.

Here is a list of some of the most popular producers of 100 ounce silver bars:


As you can imagine, 100 ounce silver bars are some of the biggest around, being a whole lot larger than 1 and 10 ounce bars. While the size of a 100 ounce bar is significantly bigger than the smaller weights, they are not too difficult to be able to store and handle. To put things in perspective, one single 100 ounce bar is roughly the same size as two normal graphing calculators placed on top of one another.

As the bars you purchase get bigger and bigger, the exact size of the bar may vary from company to company. What we mean by this is that a bar produced by Johnson Matthey may be a bit longer than a bar produced by Engelhard, or may be a bit thicker, and so on and so forth, but the general size of all 100 ounce bars is for the most part fairly consistent.

Typically, 100 ounce silver bars are about 6.5 inches in length x 2.5 inches wide x 1.25 inches in depth. If you are still having a hard time gaining a feel for the size of these bars another option would be to contact your local brick and mortar precious metals dealer and see if they have any 100 ounce bars in stock, that way you could go to the store and literally see and feel a bar before you make a purchase.


Storing 100 ounce silver bars should not be very difficult, but that is all dependent on the quantity of bars you own. For example, if you have just one or two 100 ounce silver bars you should have no problem at all finding a place to store them where you live, because they do not take up any more space than a gaming console or DVD player. However, if you are purchasing large quantities of 100 ounce bars, storing them then becomes a bit more of a pressing issue.

If you do not have enough room to store your silver bars at your home, you may have to seek the services of a third party who can protect and store your bars for a fee. In many cases, people turn to third party companies to store and secure their bars because they simply do not feel comfortable having that much silver in the same place they sleep at night.

If you do choose to seek the services of someone else who can better protect your investment, you should research and find a reputable precious metals depository, as they are the safest and most cost effective method available.


Because buying a single 100 ounce silver bar is considered to be a bulk purchase of silver, these bars carry with them some of the lowest premiums over spot value. A premium is the additonal money a seller charges in addition to the value of the silver in the bar itself. Without charging a premium, sites that sell bullion would be quickly run out of business because they would make no money.

With 100 ounce silver bars it is not uncommon at all to find premiums of under a dollar per ounce. As you can clearly see, a dollar over the value of silver per ounce is a lot less money than the $2, $3, or even $4 premiums that you might find with smaller bars. The muted premiums on larger silver bars is a glaring reason why, if you can afford it, it always makes more sense to invest in a more substantial amount of precious metal.