Heraeus Silver Bars

Heraeus is a precious metals company based out of Hanau, Germany, the same town where the company was founded over 150 years ago. Heraeus as we know it today was spawned from one of the most unlikely of places, a family-owned pharmacy.

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When Wilhelm Carl Heraeus discovered the most efficient way of melting down platinum back in the late 1800s, there was no way of him and his company avoiding the fame that they eventually attained. Prior to Heraeus’ being able to melt down platinum, goldsmiths used a forge by which they heated up the metal until it reached its melting point of 1,769 degrees Celsius. The problem with this process is that it took a very long time in order to heat the metal up, and even when it was extremely hot, it took great effort to keep it from cooling rapidly and becoming unworkable.

Heraeus first operated solely as a platinum smelting and refining company and within only a few years of its formation, Heraeus was the go-to platinum refiner in Europe. As the years passed, Heraeus slowly but surely dipped their toes in dealing with gold and silver as well. Nowadays they have a strong presence in a number of industries and are one of the most trusted names in the production of silver bars.

Products Offered

Heraeus is a company whose products are sought after by all types of investors due to the fact that they offer bars of varying weight. All of their bars are composed with a purity level of .999 which is more or less an industry standard for silver.

Heraeus 1 oz Silver Bar

Their bars weigh as little as 1 ounce to as large as 15,000 grams, which is just shy of 530 ounces. No matter if you are a beginning investor who is just beginning to dip their toes in the precious metals industry or an experienced investor who is looking to make a major addition to your portfolio, Heraeus has a product for you.

Every Heraeus silver bar boasts the Heraeus name, weight, .999 purity indication, as well as the Heraeus mintmark.

Premium Over Spot

The spot value of silver is always changing, sometimes gaining value, sometimes losing it. Due to this unavoidable occurrence, the price of silver bars offered by online precious metals dealers is always changing.

Many prospective investors make the mistake of thinking that the spot value of silver, per ounce, is the price you are going to pay for a silver bar. This is wrong because if spot value were synonymous with price, dealers would not have any room to cover the costs of running their business or be able to derive any sort of profit. Due to this, a premium is added to each and every silver bar you purchase. Premiums are almost entirely unavoidable as they exist no matter what avenue you use for purchasing silver.

As far as Heraeus silver bars are concerned, a premium of anywhere between $2-$5 per ounce is usually applied. This is not a rigid premium range, though more often than not a Heraeus silver bar will only be a few dollars over spot price per ounce. Typically, if the silver bar you are buying is multiple ounces, the premium (per ounce) will be decreased incrementally as the size of your order grows.