Buying Silver Locally

When weighing your decision to buy from local silver shops, there are certain pros and cons that you should be aware of before making any purchases.  This article will provide you with the plus-sides and down-sides to aid in the decision of buying silver locally or by other means—such as online.  To begin, the focus will be first on the pros of buying from local shops. 

Pros of Local Shops

The first pro when buying from local shops is the ability to deal with cash. Being able to purchase and receive cash for items relieves the buyer and seller with the headaches of card payments. If a shopper buys from an online source, that individual has to rely on a debit or credit card for payment.  This insecure approach of purchasing silver online presents a dangerous situation with all of your card information open to hackers and identity theft.

Another pro to buying silver locally is the ability to place the silver item in your hands.  By being able to actually hold the product in person, the individual can examine to see if the silver is real and if it is in the kind of shape that is worthy of purchasing.  Comparing this to online silver shopping, the user runs the risk of relying on pictures that can be altered or simply not be a true representation of the actual image.  It also places the buyer’s complete trust in the vendor—a person they cannot see.

The last pro is the ability to have the purchased product in your hand that day.  After paying for the silver item, you will more than likely be able to take it home with you immediately. You do not have to monitor the online payment and worry about the shipment coming while you are not home.  With online transactions, you have to wait several business days and pay for extra shipping in order to receive it in a timely manner.

Cons of Local Shops

In regard to the first con when buying silver locally, the buyer has a limited selection compared to buying silver online.  Buying silver on the internet leaves the buyer with a bevy of different silver products to buy from and is not limited to the physical dimension of a commercial area like that of a local store.  The purchaser can also compare prices on similar silver products and buy the more reasonably priced item.  Once at the local store, the buyer does not have the freedom to get a cheaper price on the item like he or she would online.

Besides the limited selection, the buyer has to have the ability to travel to the local store.  They have to have a means of transportation and the costs that come with it such as paying for gas or the public transit.  It also takes more time and effort to travel to the local silver shop.  With online shopping, all you need is a working laptop or computer and you can easily and efficiently buy silver products.

Local Silver Shop Listings

As our site has grown, we’ve added information about buying locally in some of the bigger USA cities. Below are links to pages including info on the larger coin shops in each area:

Please check back often as we add more city-specific listings in the near future.