Los Angeles Silver Shops

In this article, I will discuss four silver shops where you can buy silver in the Los Angeles area.  I will provide general information, store hours, and contact information for each shop.  In regard to the sales tax for Los Angeles it is listed as 8.75%, but there is an exemption for bullion purchases over $1,500. We always recommend buying over $1,500 if buying locally, as you waste precious money by paying sales tax on bullion.

AAA Gold Exchange

AAA Gold Exchange is located at The Promenade at the Howard Hughes Center in the heart of Los Angeles.  The shop specializes in selling and buying silver ranging from bars, watches, coins, etc.

The shop offers a no obligation appraisal for all your silver items and the shop’s silver specialists will test your items right in front of you.  The experts also educate the customer on how these tests are done to provide the customer with confidence in the transaction.

The business is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has an A Rating on the BBB’s Ratings System.  The store is open Monday through Saturday from 10-6 P.M. and Sunday 12-6 P.M.  You can call the store for further information about buying silver in the Los Angeles store by calling (310) 645-1015.  The full address of the store is 6081 Center Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90045.

Gem and Loan

Gem and Loan is a respected and trusted buyer of silver in Los Angeles.  The store provides a price guarantee that insures that the customer receives the best deal for their items.  The store also offers free appraisal to the customer in regard to their silver products.

They offer an online quote tab where you can provide contact information and specifics about your item and you can receive an estimated price on your product.  This could save you the hassle of driving to the store if the number offered by the store does not come close to the number you are looking to receive.

The store is open Monday through Saturday from 10-6 P.M. and Saturdays and Sundays by appointment only.  You can call the store for information about buying silver at the Los Angeles by calling (310) 657-9999.  The full address of the store is 263 LaCienega Blvd S, Los Angeles, CA 90211.

Porcello Estate Buyers

The Porcello Estate Buyers is another store where you can buy silver located in Los Angeles.  It has been a family owned precious metal store for three generations.  Whether it is scrap silver or coins, the store declares they can offer the most cash for the pieces.  Porcello’s also offers the free quote tab on their online website for your silver.

The store also gives customers who live too far away the ability to buy and sell online.  Porcello’s system of using consignment bags to buy and sell by delivery services between the store and the customer. This method ensures the security of your items and they cannot be opened after the bag has been closed.

The store hours are by appointment only and you can contact Porcello’s by calling (310) 402-2961.  The full address of the store is 640 S Hill Street #259 Los Angeles, California 90014.

Wilshire Coin Exchange

Wilshire Coin Exchange is another shop where you can buy silver in Los Angeles.  This store offers online and phone appraisals to add to the convenience of the transaction for the customer.

Wilshire Coin Exchange has over sixty years of experience in buying and selling silver to add to their reputation of a trusted store for purchasing silver. The store is open from Monday to Friday from 9:30 A.M. to 5 P.M.

Regarding more information about buying silver at this Los Angeles store, you can reach them by calling 310) 393-0661.  The full address of the store is 1312 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90401.