Houston Silver Shops

In this article, I will discuss three silver shops located in Houston.  I will provide general information, store hours, and contact information for each shop.  The sales tax of the area is 8.25% on bullion, but purchases over $1,000 are exempt from this tax. Therefore, we always recommend buying over $1,000 at a time if you are buying locally to avoid paying this unnecessary fee.

Houston Numismatic Exchange

This shop offers the buying and selling of Silver Bullion in Houston every day.  The store carries major brand 1 oz., 10oz, and 100oz bars and offers a variety of silver coins.

The store does lack a reputable online website and does not offer online quotes and services that must modern stores offer. Without the online capabilities like most other shops, the experience for the customer is hindered to just store visits.

The Houston Numismatic Exchange is open from Tuesday to Friday from 10-5 P.M. and Saturday from 10-4 P.M.  For further information regarding the buying of silver in Houston, the store can be reached at 1-800-231-3650.  The full address of the store is 2486 Times Boulevard, Houston, TX 77005.

Regal Coin and Jewelry

This store has been buying and selling silver in Houston for sixty years.  The store seeks silver ranging from bullion, coins, jewelry, and flatware.  They offer quotes directly over the phone, and invite you to call to speak with one of their coin and bullion experts, and receive an instant quote.

You can contact the store about buying silver by calling (281) 913-5117.  The full address of the store is 1701 FM 1960 West, Suite N Houston TX. 77090.

Gold and Silver Buyers

Located in downtown Houston, this store offers a unique characteristic compared to other silver shops—it is open seven days a week Monday through Sunday from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M.  Besides the great availability, their easy to access online website offers the ability to mail in your item for an evaluation.

That way, instead of driving to the store, you can save yourself the trip expenses.  The store also offers the ability of throwing a gold and silver party at the store.  How it works is you receive a promotional code from the store and you pass this code out to everyone you can.  If they use the code while selling their silver, you earn a percentage of the sale.  These parties are also great for fundraisers and organizations like the Girl and Boy Scouts for America.

For more information about buying silver from this Houston store,  you can contact the store by calling (713) 223-1010.  The full address of the store is 2200 Main, Houston, TX, 77002.

Houston Gold and Silver

This store buys silver ranging from flatware, old jewelry, and bullion in Houston.  Offering free appraisals, customers can receive an estimate on their silver without any commitment to the store.

The store also gives the customer the option of the mail in service where he or she can ship their items in to be tested and appraised.  If you decline the offer by the store, the items will be returned at the store’s expense.

The store is open Monday through Thursday from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M., Friday from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M., and Saturday from 10 A.M. to 3 P.M.  For more information, you can reach Gold and Silver by calling 281-361-3377.  The full address of the store is 10218 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77042.