1 kg Silver Bars

As you are probably already well aware of, silver bars come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and weights. Some of the smallest silver bars are in and around the 1 ounce range, but some bars can be as big as 100 ounces and beyond. A variety of bar that often gets lost or forgotten when having this conversation is the 1 kilogram bar, which weighs in at 32.15 ounces.

Perhaps the reason many people neglect the 1 kilogram silver bar is because its weight is so obscure. Regardless, a 1 kilogram bar is a great way to make an investment of silver without having to worry about storing and protecting multiple different pieces.

By purchasing just one or two kilogram bars of silver not only are you making a substantial investment in silver bullion, but you are also making the entirety of the investment process easy on yourself. In the next few sections you will be explained all the finer details to purchasing and storing 1 kilogram bars of silver.


A 1kg Silver Bar from PAMP Suisse

When it comes to 1 kilogram silver bars, there are plenty of producers but it may not seem that way because not every dealer sells this type of bar. The one kilogram bar is relatively obscure as far as silver bars go, and for this reason they are not as common to come across.

Since these types of bars are popular amongst small time and medium investors you will often come across a situation where a site may have a large quantity of bars one day only to find out that they sold out in a matter of no time. This is because purchasing 1 kilogram of silver is easier than purchasing 32 single ounce bars and easier still than buying 3 10 ounce bars.

As is the case with just about any other type or size of silver bar, the producer of the bar matters heavily to a lot of investors. You will often find someone who is interested in making a purchase of a 1 kilogram silver bar but refrain from doing so because an online dealer is void of the particular investor’s favorite, most trusted bullion producer.

Here is a list of some of the most popular producers of 1 kilogram silver bars:


Whenever someone is interested in investing in physical silver bullion, the dimensions of the item are crucial because without the dimensions an investor will have no idea how he or she is going to store the metal.

The key for investors is finding a bar that is large enough to warrant the investment yet small enough that it could be safely stored inside a person’s home or safe. The 1 kilogram bar is considered by some to be the perfect size of silver because it is large enough to be a substantial investment yet small enough that it could fit comfortably just about anywhere in your house.

Because 1 kilogram silver bars are not as common as 1 ounce bars, the sizes of the bars themselves may vary a little bit from company to company. That being said, the variations in size between bars is not very large and a 1 kilogram bar from Johnson Matthey will likely be similar to one from Pamp Suisse. The typical dimensions of a 1 kilogram silver bar are 4.7″ long, 2.1″ wide, and .6″ deep.


Storing 1 kilogram bars is not very difficult because their size gives you the ability to retain multiple kilogram bars without taking up too much space in your house or apartment. Most investors who are thinking about buying a kilogram bar have safes of their own and if that is the case you will find that fitting one, two, or even three kilogram silver bars in your safe will not force you to give up a lot of space.

On the other hand, plenty of investors who purchase this type of silver bar are simple investors who do not have a safe or any other secure way of storing their bars. For these people, storing 1 kilogram bars of silver in your home is as easy as putting them in a drawer or in a closet.

The size of most 1 kilogram silver bars permits you the ability to store your bars in just about any part of the house where you have extra space. Since there are over 32 ounces of silver packed into one bar you are really storing a large quantity of silver, though it may not seem that way from the outside looking in. Finding a spot for a few 1 kilogram silver bars is no more difficult than finding space for a small book.


Depending on where you purchase from, the premium you pay over the price of the actual metal for a 1 kilogram should not be much more than $2 or $3 dollars. Obviously, if online dealers were to sell their bars at the current market price of silver they would make no money and simply be breaking even all the time. Instead they are forced to charge a few dollars more than spot value in hopes of making some profit during their dealings.

Since 1 kilogram silver bars are considered to be a larger bar, the premiums you can expect to pay will be a bit more inexpensive than a smaller bar such as the 1 or 10 ounce varieties. Even after knowing this information you should still shop around from site to site in order to find the best deal for you as not every silver dealer sells their 1 kilogram bars for the same price.