PAMP Suisse Silver Bars

PAMP Suisse is a precious metals mint and refinery based in Switzerland, in the heart of Europe. The company has existed since 1977 and though it is one of the newer mints in the world, it has earned the respect of mints that have existed twice as long.

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Their primary operations deal with the production of gold, silver, and platinum bars ranging across a number of different weights. They pride themselves in the quality of the products they produce and constantly exceed that standards of quality precious metals investors have come to expect.

Though investors do not often seek out silver bars due to the design they have on them, PAMP continues to impress everyone by having some of the most beautifully intricate designs on their bars. They even have special issue bars where the design will vary from issue to issue, an example of this is the Lunar Silver Bar Series. This particular set of silver bars is based on characters from the Chinese Lunar calendar and is extremely popular amongst investors of all types.

Products Offered

Most of PAMP’s silver bar offering is on the lower side of the spectrum as far as weight is concerned, though they do offer a large variety of different bars. Like any other precious metals producer that has garnered a lot of respect for itself, PAMP is constantly adding to and thus expanding the amount and variety of silver bars they offer.

20 gram PAMP Suisse

In almost every instance, the purity of PAMP’s silver bars is guaranteed to be .999. Most of their products, while originating from Switzerland, are approved for use with Individual Retirement Accounts.

PAMP is also known for having assay accompany almost every bar they produce. An assay card is often attached to the plastic encasement your silver bar is in and is quite possibly the simplest, most effective way of ensuring the authenticity of your bar. You will be hard-pressed to find a PAMP product that is not accompanied by an assay card, and if you do find one without assay, a few red flags should be raised in your head because that almost never happens with a PAMP product.

Some of the most popular PAMP silver bars are as follows:

  • 1 oz Silver Bar-Cornucopia design
  • 1 oz Lunar Series Silver Bar- year of the Dragon design
  • 2.5 gram Silver Bar-Cornucopia design
  • 100 gram Silver Bar-Cornucopia design

This is merely a small cross-section of PAMP’s total silver bar offering, as listing every bar PAMP produces would take quite some time.

Premiums Over Spot Value

If you are at all familiar with the precious metals industry, you know that the spot value of silver is always changing, much like the value of stock market stocks. Because the value of silver is always changing, so too are the prices of silver bars offered by online dealers of precious metals. Initially, many investors are under the impression that the spot value of an ounce of silver is the exact price at which you are able to purchase an ounce of silver, but such is not the case.

In order for online precious metals dealers, such as JM Bullion, to cover the costs of business as well as derive a profit for themselves, a premium is added to the value of the silver in the bar. There is no standard premium for silver bars, rather this value is decided by the online seller.

As far as PAMP silver bars are concerned, you can expect to find a premium of anywhere from $5-$10 per ounce. If you do any amount of research you will see that this premium range is a bit more expensive than most other silver bars, though few other companies boast the production quality and security features which come standard on nearly every PAMP silver bar.