APMEX Review

If you know anything about precious metals you are probably more than aware of the existence of APMEX, or the American Precious Metals Exchange. They offer the widest variety of precious metal items on the web with prices that are hard to beat at most other online outlets.

Their customer service is also some of the best in the business as they have people available to assist you at nearly every hour of the day, every day of the week, all year long. Their site is not only a great place to make a gold or silver purchase but it is an all-out precious metals resource including market trend graphs, market forecasting, and even daily wrap-ups of how precious metals perform on a day to day basis.

Products and Pricing

To list all of APMEX’s products would take days but what we can say is that you will assuredly not find a selection as expansive as this anywhere else on the web. Their reach stretches even beyond gold and silver to include platinum and palladium as well.

Whether you are looking for gold or silver coins you can be fairly certain that APMEX will have what you are looking for. There are over 25 different separate gold and silver coin varieties offered, each variety being offered in many different sizes. Platinum and Palladium coins are available too but their selection is not nearly as large as the offering of gold and silver coins.

Finding gold and silver bars is also easy because they are organized by who manufactured them and then subsequently by size. APMEX carries all major gold and silver bar manufacturers as well as every size under the sun. Platinum bars are offered in sizes as small as 1 gram all the way up to 50 ounces but bars above 10 ounces typically sell out as soon as they are in stock, the story is fairly similar for palladium bars as well.

Pricing on APMEX is not nearly as good as it is at some of the newer bullion sites, but their established track record of huge product selection and safe transactions has earned them a large and undeniably loyal following over the years. With that being said, APMEX is not nearly the most expensive site out there but they can definitely be beaten.

Payment Options

For orders under $1,500 you are allowed to pay for them by using a credit/debit card, checks, or a money order. For orders over $1,500 and under $5,001 you are able to use all the same options with the addition of a bank wire. As your order exceeds $5,000 the ability to pay with a credit or debit card is taken away and you are left with only three payment options; bank wire, check, or money order. The same can be said until your order exceeds $25,000 at which point you will only be able to pay via a bank wire.

Shipping Options

Your purchases on APMEX are shipped by Federal Express, USPS, or UPS and the cost of your shipping is directly related to how much your order is. For orders up t0 $25o shipping will cost about $13. Orders over $250 but under $1,000 will cost $20 to ship while orders over $1,000 but just under $25,000 will cost $25 to ship. All orders over $25,000 will ship for free.

APMEX is a great place to go if you want selection or if the item you are looking for is a bit too obscure for the smaller sites out there. Their prices are not amazing but what they do lack in deals they make up for in selection and customer service, both of which are superior to nearly any other on the web. Their site is a bit difficult to navigate but they have so much information for you to use that it is kind of hard to blame them. APMEX sets the standard for precious metals dealers on the web and has for some time now which makes them arguably the most trusted site in existence.

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